Float your boat experiment


For our experiment, we had to make a boat out of a piece of aluminum foil, a strip of masking tape, 2 toothpicks and 2 mini marshmallows. Our goal was to hold the most amount of pennies in our boat without it sinking.

if we can create a large surface area for the pennies to sit on, then we can hold more pennies because they’ll be able to sit evenly on the surface and the weight will be distributed.

In conclusion, we found that our boats design was good, but we had some errors in the process of building our boat.  My hypothesis was supported but not by my personal findings. Another group with a similar design concept had held the most pennies in their boat as they’re design was a lot more supportive than ours. The error that we made was ensuring that there were no spaces or openings where the water could have entered the boat from anywhere other than the top. For the future, we probably could be spent more time trying to figure out the best way to configure the boat and make sure that it would stay afloat for as long as possible.