Year end Reflection

I learned how to answer questions in more specific details and making sure I have evidence to prove my answers. I also learned to manage my time better and use class time more wisely and finally, I learned to organize my files in categories so my work is easier to find.


A fond memory in English class was working on my stop motion project because it was very fun and I enjoyed working on it with friends.


  • A tip for English would be to put effort into every single thing you do and take your time and don’t hand something in you are not proud of.

great chili cook off

Alyah, Naomi, Claire, Ethan.

Chili Chimps

Choosing a recipe. We needed something fast and interesting. We wanted to do something that would stand out but wasn’t to weird and complicated. We saw a recipe with pineapple on Pinterest however, it took about 3 hrs and we didn’t have that time. So we found a simple chili recipe and added the pineapple and peppers to make it interesting. We chose this dish because we thought that the pineapple was a new way of incorporating fruit into a chili. It was an original and new idea that I’ve never seen done anywhere else and thought it may give us some props for creativity. But the scary thing was, we’ve never seen this before. We didn’t know how this would work out so it was kind of nerve wrecking.

Making the chili. When we were making the chili it was a little stressful as we didn’t know how much pineapple we needed. Overall it went well and the end product was good however it took a bit to get there. Also we didn’t have a group name yet.

Judgment Day
On this day everything went pretty smoothly. We immediately got our chili on the stove to heat up and marinade the flavours together. We also got on to making our cheese braid which didn’t take much time but we waited and timed our cheese braid so it’ll be ready for when the judges arrive. We did multiple taste tests and decided as a group to figure out what spices to add and if we needed anything else. We ended up adding some water to our chili to make it less thick as well as adding chili powder, cayenne, cumin. When the judges arrived, we plated our dish and added a small amount of sour cream to help balance out the heat that the spices and jalapeƱo gave off as well as adding a sprig of parsley on top to add some freshness to the dish.