First people’s principals of learning

First people’s principals of learning

In this chart, it shows the principals of learning. It talks about patience and time, roles and responsibilities and focuses on connectedness and reciprocal relationships.

I feel that these principles have a lot on common with our SSEP and engineering brightness projects. Here are some of the main points I find to be the most important.

  • Connectedness – While working on our projects whether it was SSEP or Engineering Brightness, we had to work together to achieve what we needed to achieve. The people in my engineering brightness group were truly great people and I feel we all connect really well. We are always collaborating ideas and talking about future plans and I really enjoy the sense of connecting as a group. I also like how we all come together as a class and connect and collaborate ideas off each other like in group discussions or talking to a teacher. I find connectedness to be very important.


  • Patience and time – Both our SSEP and Engineering Brightness projects took a lot of time and effort. Having to research the different techniques of fundraising and putting the effort to buy the supplies and trying to build something from nothing isn’t very easy. Luckily we have an awesome science teacher to help guide us through the difficult times and lead us onto the right path.


  • Recognizing the consequences of one’s actions – I find this to be important because there is always a consequence to your actions. Whether it is positive or negative, there is always something that happens after. In our Engineering Brightness or SSEP groups we always had to have the work we were assigned to us for that day or else we would fall behind


  • The well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors – In our case, this may have not benefited our land of families, but it may help the families of people in need. I liked our Engineering Brightness project because we used class time and supplies to help the people in the rural parts Dominican Republic where they suffer from light poverty. Also I found that this helped me learn that working together as a team, you can accomplish much more than what you would be able to do alone.


In conclusion, I think that a lot of the things we did regarding SSEP and Engineering Brightness relates to the first peoples principals of learning.