Sam The Athlete

Sam the Athlete

How could a guy accidentally join a girls’ team? Sam the athlete is written by Stuart McLane. In this short story, a young boy named Sam who is trying his very hardest to fit in, finally Sam joins a field hockey team and feels accepted. Sam should be able to wear the skirt because he is a child and he shouldn’t be judged for what he wants to do and wear. He was trying to be a part of the team and just feel included. At first, he wasn’t wearing the skirt because he wanted to, but simply just to blend in and look like the other girls. He went to the lengths of shaving his legs just to fit in! The main message in this story is that you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not to fit in. Just be yourself.

Perspectives of Canada


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Hockey is a very important part of who we are in Canada. This is the Vancouver Millionaires are a team from 1911-1926. In Canada, Hockey is a major part of everyone’s life whether they play it themselves or they know 5 people that do. I chose this because it is something that brings everyone in Canada together or it can tear it apart but in the end, we are all Canadians cheering for the all too familiar sport of hockey.

This blog post really speaks for what Canada is for because it has 2 major things we all know and that is Snow and winter sports. It is a major part of our culture in Canada and if you don’t like skiing and snowboarding you’ve probably visited whistler sometime your life. Canadians are all about enjoying the outdoors and spending time together and Whistler is a great place to do that. But of course Whistler isn’t the only place in Canada with ski slopes and great lodges, so anyone across the country can enjoy the wonders of winter.