CBL – Engineering Brightness 1

Alyah Gingras

Some thoughts.img_2936

The skype experience with Eladio and Dennis really opened up my eyes to the issues surrounding light poverty. It was very interesting seeing how different our 2 countries are. The chat was very informative and I actually learned a lot about life in the Dominican.  Our idea is to collaborate with Alhan, Ben Zac and Josh to create shakable lights. We are two teams of four and we would work together to make our hopes and dreams become reality. Ashiana, Marwa, Jayden and I are working on fundraising and raising awareness for this cause. We have connected with Eladio and Dennis to see if they could help us out by creating an informative video that we could show to the students at Riverside Secondary.

A summary of what you learned so far.img_2956

Our group has talked to many different people who have helped us to get where we are. Eladio and Dennis have played a huge role in helping us understand what we need to know and guiding us towards greatness. My groups interest was more in fundraising and raising awareness for this project but it works out to our advantage because the group we are collaborating with is all about the building and engineering aspect of it. We have come a long way with our fundraising ideas and how we go about to do these things. We have decided on doing a Christmas themed photo booth where students can come with friends and get their picture taken. The whole process of collaborating with friends and coming up with these ideas that can change our world in such a positive way is truly a great experience

What are your groups plans to help address light poverty in the Dominican Republic?img_2982

In the beginning we had brought up ideas like a car wash or a bake sale but we felt they were too simple and basic. So we decided to step it up and create a Christmas themed photo booth. So far we have made a request for this to be announced over the PA system in the mornings for everybody to hear, talked to school staff members to help with our arrangements and so on. I feel our group works really well together and we haven’t had many issues working on this project. We have had much help from Mr.Robinson and many other influential people.