~My Environmental Interactions~

This assignment is asking us to record down all the interactions we have in the day with different things and how little things we do affect our spheres and cycles. I tried to watch what I did today and try to change my ways a little bit so that I don’t have a negative effect on the environment.

I started off my day taking a shower. Now even before I heard about this assignmeny, I am used to taking short showers to not waste water and affect the hydrosphere. I took an eight minute shower timed by the songs I listened to.



The next thing I had recorded down was brushing my teeth. Now to be honest I am very conscious about the hydrosphere already and my family really cares about saving water, therefore I always turn the tap off while brushing my teeth. This choice helped save a lot of water that could have been wasted in the 2 minutes we were brushing our teeth.


Now about washing clothes, I did not wash any clothes the day I wrote my interactions down but I did wash dishes with the dishwasher which used electricity and also water. Now whenever I am washing dishes I make sure the dish washer is completely full before starting it, which helps save electricity and water (hydrosphere).


I was using the bus to get to school that day. Although that has a negative effect on the environment if we think about it, 25 people taking the bus is better than 25 people taking their own vehicles to school which exposes the air to more pollution therefore affecting the atmosphere. That is why I choose to bus to school because technically it uses less energy.


The last thing I had written down was using technology such as the TV, laptop and also the lights in my house. Now although I do forget to turn off my lights sometimes which wastes energy, my family has replaced all light bulbs with LED lights which uses less energy anyway. As for the TV, we have our TV on most of the day which again wastes energy.



Overall I think this environment is just trying to make us realize what affects we are having on the environment as an individual and how our little action can affect something way more important such as climate changes, air pollution and a lot more. I feel like even though I did not talk a lot about the geosphere and the biosphere, every sphere is connected in a way. If we affect any of them negatively, it will result in them all turning negative. We need to learn to forget about being lazy and try to help our world.



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