What’s Your Brand?

A brand is arguably one of the most important components to any business endeavor. Your task is to create “your brand” for whatever business it is that you desire. Some examples include: clothing company, business, social media brand, construction, or even personal brand. Once developed and designed you will create a prototype of your brand on a form of media of your choice. This could be either a decal sticker or an article of clothing.

part 1:

The designing process of your brand should include:

  • The business idea
  • 50 design sketches
  • 10 variations of prototype
  • Finalized rendering
  • Final design in CAD format


part 2:

On your Edublog, you have to publish your idea to the public. Your Edublog Post titled “My Brand” should include the following information:

  • What is your brand designated for?
  • Who is your brand designated for?
  • Your brand’s slogan
  • A jpeg of your final design
  • Your posted brand
  • Due: April 20

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