DDA 10 – Final Passion Project

The final project in DDA allows you to explore an area that interests you. This ‘passion’ must relate back to the field of Drafting/Design/Animation. You must follow the process of design in order to create a final project that reflects some of the skills and knowledge learned over the course of the semester. Your final project must include:

  1. Written proposal    /5
  2. Research and design stage    /5
  3. Final prototype    /10

Some examples of passion projects can include but aren’t limited to: Hand-drafting, advanced CAD (Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit), video-game design, animation, Photoshop, vinyl/decal design, and much more.
The first component requires a written proposal. This proposal should be a one page document explaining: what your project is, why you chose the topic, the process/procedure in order to create your project, and how this project can provide useful experience for a potential career of your choice.

Autodesk Inventor Edublog Post Criteria



DDA 10 – Inventor 3D Project

Edublog Post

An important part of any design project is the documentation of process. This is crucial in order to help: build a portfolio, record your steps and procedures, re-assess and reevaluate during the prototyping stage, etc. You will be responsible for creating a blog post that discusses and highlights your project.

Please complete an individual blog post that includes the following components:      

  1. Research and sketches
  2. Orthographic projection
  3. 3D part file screenshot
  4. 3D prototype

Post Reflection Rubric

Does not meet 1 Minimally meets 2 Fully meets 3 Exceeds 4
Media No pictures. Picture included. Several pictures included. Pictures for all components
Summary of description No captions or descriptions Point form captions or descriptions for each stage Full sentence describing the design stage Full description – up to a paragraph – of the pictured design stage
Components Blog post only mentions of the components Blog post contains 2 of 4 components Blog post contains 3 of 4 components Blog post contains 4 of 4 components

Due: April. 27, 2017

Autodesk Revit – Architecture Project

After completing the tutorials, you are to create your own floor plan and prototype. Your basic one level floor plan (or two levels if working in pairs) must include at least the following:

  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living space
  • Custom room
  • Lot and landscape
  • Roof/doors/windows

The rest of your realistic but unique architectural design is up to you. You will be given the tools and materials once your initial floor plan design has been created. See attached rubric.

Drafting 10 Research Project – Monday, Feb. 6th, 2017

What is Drafting and Design? Create a Power Point presentation to be emailed to me that states the general idea of Drafting and Design/CAD.

Your slideshow must include:

  • title page
  • definitions: what is drafting? design? CAD?
  • 10 different careers related to drafting/design/CAD
  • education or experience required for listed careers
  • average salaries for listed careers
  • visuals/graphics
  • resources

Your slideshow should be emailed to me or published on your Edublog under ‘Drafting 10’.