core competences




How does the artifact you selected demonstrate strengths & growth in the communication competency?


In what ways might you further develop your communication competency?



This class has helped me a lot with my mathematics skills and it also helped me grow and learn new skills and units that I did not know of last year. This class made me make new friends and made me talk to new people so they could help me if I am stuck on anything or I could help them if they needed my help from time to time. I am looking forward for next year to experience the same things that I experienced in math 10 but even better. I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning more mathematical skills that I could use in the future.




This class showed that math is not just fun and games it is a subject that is very important in the future and that I will be using it later in life. This class make work showed me that math is not as easy as you think, you need to work hard in this class and need to ask questions if you are stuck on something. It showed me that you can’t memorize math in your head or do equations in your head, you need to understand the formulas that you learn every day, and to practice for a test you need to write lots of notes so you can look back to what you did already




How does the artifact you selected demonstrate strengths & growth in the thinking competencies?


In what ways might you further develop your thinking competencies?




How does the artifact you selected demonstrate strengths & growth in the personal & social competencies?


In what ways might you further develop your personal & social competencies?


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3D lantern


creative thinking: i had to think creatively because i had to come up with an idea for what design i should make for my lantern and i had to come up with an idea for how i wanted my lantern to look like. did i want my pumpkin  to be small did i want it to be big, did i want a stamp on it, should i make a scary face for my pumpkin, what color i wanted my pumpkin to be.


critical thinking: i had to think critically in this project because i had to create the shape of my pumpkin smartly i and i had to think of a way to make my lantern look nice and professionally done.


responsibility: i had to take responsibility for this project because for my pumpkin i had to make a stamp for it. and all i had was 1 day to make that stamp and also i didn’t have the right equipment to make that stamp.

Core competencies

Core Competencies

The artifact that I chose is the all about me paragraph and the all about me sway. Both of those two things show creative thinking and critical thinking. I was creative in my all about me paragraph by thinking and coming up with ideas of what to write for the paragraph and coming up with good words so when people read my paragraph it will be interesting for them.


for the sway I was also thinking creatively by thinking of an idea of how I wanted my sway to look like and the pictures I wanted to be on there. And for the critical thinking that I used for these two things is when I was writing the paragraph, I had to come up with some good ideas that can make the paragraph look sound and look professional and interesting when someone is reading it. And I also had to come up with understandable and descriptive sentences because the paragraph was about writing descriptively.


for the sway I had to find different design like pictures to match each sentence that I wrote from the paragraph. This artifact that I did ties somethings that I learned like writing a paragraph or doing a PowerPoint on sway. The strategies that I use to read something is, first to see if the thing that I am going to be reading really interests me or if it can make a change or even help me with things. An advice that I would give a younger student to figure out what is true is to pay attention to that things or study that things tell you know what it is about or be careful of it.


When I’m by myself I come up with some good ideas and thinking about something that could do a different for what I’m doing. if I like the idea that I came up with I do that idea. There are a lot of things that can help me create good ideas but some things that really help to make ideas is maybe draw what I am thinking about so I can see what it will look like. Or maybe going on google and searching up somethings that could really help me create a perfect and awesome ideas for what I am working on.