Rube Goldberg AKA The Dog Feeder



step 1 : I am going to be pushing the ball to the water bottle that will be sitting on top of the shelf.

step 2: the water bottle is going to to fall down from the shelf and its going to hit the aluminum trays.

step3: the aluminum trays are going to give the onion that’s sitting on the edge vibration and its going to role down.

step 4: when the onion roles down it going to knock the cub with the potato down.

step5: when the cup with the potato falls down its weight is going to make the cup with the dog food tilt witch is going to cause the food to spill in the dog tray.

energy types:

the types if energy that I have used for this project was mechanical and gravitational energy. I used the mechanical when i pushed the soccer ball towards the water bottle that was sitting on the shelf, that caused the water bottle to fall down which that would be a gravitational energy. another mechanical energy was when the onion rolled down and pushed the cup with the potato which caused the cup to fall and that would be a gravitational  energy source.

Riverside CC’s Self Assessment Document (3)