Health Unit Reflections

                         Health Unit Reflections             yamen



  1. With Regards to sexual health, how do you plan to be emotionally and physically healthy?


Going on to the future I am probably going to come by the sexual life, which everyone will. I plane to keep that sexual life as save as possible by trying to stay away from it until marriage because I am not planning to have a baby at this young age accidentally. I am planning to have an emotionally and physically healthy life by trying to stay as healthy as possible and try eating healthier not that junk food things. I plan to stay outdoors as possible a. and I want to try to start meditating from time to time to clear my mind. Sports are going to be a huge change on my physically healthy life.




  1. How do your choices about contraceptives help you live safely?


Condoms could help you live a safe sex life, but you cannot them all the time because what has happened in the past from some people is that the condom sometime breaks and then the accident happened. Then when that happens you will have to go through taking care of your child that was born accidentally.


        Health plan:



My health plan for this year has not really changed any from last year, last year I wanted to get in the best shape which I still need to work on a little. I also wanted to eat as healthy as possible and play sports and do outdoors activities for last year. I did not take any of these things seriously because I was not motivated but this year things changed because of the quarantine that happened I have gained some weight and I am really hoping that I can work hard as possible this year so I can reach my goal to have the best body that I always wanted. I am hoping that I can reach the best version of myself and stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.