photography portfolio

In this photography class i try to be as creative as possible because photography is one of my favorite hobbies to do in my free time. art is an expression or application of a human being creative skill and imagination. art could be a hobbies for someone and it could make them feel happy by doing it. i think the responsibility of a photographer Communicating with clients to set up a time and place for a photoshoot. Maintaining and managing photography equipment. Editing photos. Submitting photos to appropriate persons. I think in the future I will still be doing photography but not full time. I would like to start car photography as a side job because both of these are my hobbies.


macro lens



creative zone

historical photo


  1. the part that I found successful in my portfolio was sharing all my good photo’s that I took and that I am proud of.

2. if I had the time to redo a project we already did I would redo the creative zone project. I would like to redo it because it was my first project and i didn’t do so well on it and I didn’t put the time in doing this project.

3. i would like to say that i had fun times in this class and i met new people and made new friends.