A Fresh Look At The Periodic Table

Define and discover:

  • in this project we are trying to recreate a periodic table.
  • Questions
  • How can you organize the periodic table?
  • How can we make a periodic table that can be easily used?
  • How can we come up with good ideas to create the periodic table?



  • Dream:


  • About how we want to create our periodic table and how we want it to be laid out


  • We are going to lay the periodic by having both lanthanide and actinide on the bottom of the periodic table. And the alkilike metals and earth metals are going to be on two different sides of the periodic table. And the transition metals and the others are going to be in the middle shaped like a diamond.


  • Also, each section we are going to have different colors. and we are going to have a legend, so you know what each color represents which element



  • After we are done that, we are sure that our periodic table is going to look like a diamond





  • Design/ Deliver



Were going to be making a double-sided temple that looks like a diamond. We are going to have all the gases on the top of the diamond and the metals on the bottom of the diamond. Also, we are going to have two poles on each side of the diamond, one pole represents the alkilike metals and the other pole is going to represent the alkilike earth metals. The lanthanide and the actinide metals are both going to be put on the bottom of the periodic table. We will be organizing the new periodic table by atomic mass and by having the heaviest elements on the bottom and the light elements on the tom of the periodic table.




the final product met the expectation of our dream writing and the periodic table met all of the criteria that we were asked to do for this project.