Eggs recipes hunt


french omelette 

breakfast:  is just eggs and butter, no filling. The egg is folded for a soft, tender texture.

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                        Spicy Avocado Eggs on Toast


lunch: avocado toast is given a protein boost to round out a wholesome breakfast with a little wake-up heat!

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Dinner: eggs with tomato sauce is an Arabic dish that has tomato sauce and  eggs and spicy green pepper with brushed onions.





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Community Connections

 Being a Barber

I have chosen to interview a barber named Senna, who works at Rami’s Cut Barber Shop (Rami’s Cut) because cutting hair is one of my family’s tradition and it has been going on in my family since 2000. I wanted to interview someone who has the same passion as me.

1:Why are you passionate about your job?

” I am passionate about my job because i like making people happy with the way they appear and i love meeting new people that come to me and get a haircut from me, also this also one of my passion because cutting hair is a form of art, and art is one of the huge part of life”

2:What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today?

” The obstacles that i had to face to get where i am today is to be patience and being able to pick up a lots of skills in a short period of time. and also to get back up every time i have messed up a haircut. i kept on working hard and keep trying my best and i practiced a lot to get where i am today”

3:What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

” The advice that i would give someone is to let them know that at first trying to learn how to cut hair is very hard and frustrating and you feel like giving up sometimes but in the end it will be all worth it”

4:Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

” yeah sure i will be more then happy to help someone, all they got to do to reach out to me is to message me on Instagram @yvngtheena.

5: Are you going to continue this passion you have in the future?

” I will most likely always be into cutting hair because it is something i love to do an it is one of my favorite things to and also because it is a fun and cool jobto have”

6: What do you think is your greatest strengths?

” My greatest strength is my communication and really trying to understand what my client want his hair to look like”

If you want to get a nice haircut go check out my dad’s barber shop in Poco: Rami’s Cut





electric cars – power information fluency



when electric cars became a thing the whole world changed. electric cars have some benefits in them such as having a vary good torque. also electric cars are more digitally connected then conventional vehicles. electric cars are just like your smart phone when you cars is about to run out of charge, you just plug it in to the charger just like a phone. then the next morning your car will be charged and ready to be used for the day. sense the day Elon musk created tesla, which is now a popular electric car brand. there have been a variety of places to charge your car at. like at work or on the road or a charging station. by charging often, you may have to not to go to a gas station again. also electric cars can be good for the environment. like reduction of local air pollution especially in cities. if you have an electric car you can save a lot of money every year. another benefit for electric cars is that they are really good for the environment and if we had electric cars instead of gas cars their is high chance of stooping air pollution that is currently happening.





Electric cars have many problems and challenges in them and some of these challenges are limited charge range. some of electric cars come with different stages in them. and those stages are how much driving range do you pick for your cars to have. the highest stage for driving range is 500km which is not a lot because if you go on a road trip and your runs out of charge you will need to find a charging station and then you have to wait like an hour or two for your cars to be fully charged and ready to go. other challenges about owning an electric car is high costs, battery issues, and a spotty charging infrastructure are the main challenges for battery electric vehicles.




Electric cars also have some issues in them. and some of these issues are brake service, because an electric car needs there brake serviced depends on how much you drive the car. battery care, because its engine is more analogous to a regular car’s engine in terms of cost and value. It’s the heaviest assembly, the most expensive and a big factor in the car’s future residual value. Coolant service, Battery electric cars have no engine but they still have coolant keep that big battery from doing what it naturally wants to do is to catch on fire. every four years any electric car has to get fully checked up.


My statement to Justin Trudeau  


Dear Justin Trudeau,


My name is Yamen Edwan and i am a 14 years old boy who goes to riverside secondary secondary school. i wrote you this litter because i wanted to share with you what i have found about electric cars and what could they do to our planet earth and how they make a huge different on our life that we are living in right now. all this information that i have gathered up in this project can really show how would our life would be if we had electric cars instead of gas running cars. and surprisingly the information that i have found for this project is mind blowing. electric cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life than a petrol or diesel car. This is even after the production of the vehicle and the generation of the electricity required to fuel them.


  • What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic? 1: what are the issues with electric cars? 2: are electric cars good for the environment? 3: are electric cars a good purchase? 4: will electric cars change make a difference in couple of years? 5: what are the benefits of electric cars? 6: what are some challenges do electric cars have? 7: what would happen if all cars on earth were electric?
  •  What new or familiar digital tools did you use as you worked through this project?  the digital tools i used to complete this project are Scratch, google, pixel, google classroom.
  • What was the process you used to investigate the topic? the process i used to investigate my topic is to go on youtube and watch couple of videos about my topic to get a little bit of understanding then i went on google and i started researching about my topic until i got the perfect information.
  • How did you verify and cite the information you found?  i made sure that the websites i was using were not fake because i was using famous websites not a website that is never been heard of.
  • How did the process of completing the challenge go? what could you have done better? completing this challenge was kinda hard. but at the end i finished it all and learned a lot of new things that i didn’t know before. and the things that i could have done better is get more information about my topic and also try to finish this project a little bit early.





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TOKTW 2019

For take your kid to work day i went to a barber shop with my dad.The business that i went to is called rami’s cut barber shop in downtown poco.A barber is a person who does hair cuts such as hair trimming, trimming beards, dying hair and many more other things. to be a barber you have to have good communications with people and also you have to be focused on your job because you can mess up the haircut you are doing easily. The training to be a barber usually takes up to a year to be come really good at the job. also you have completed a barbering program at a normal barber shop. when your program is finished then you have to go apply for a barber license to be able to cut hair. I like this job because you get to learn an amazing talent and you also you get to meet new people. in the next 5 years i think this job will change in a lot of different ways. but thing i think that will change the game is having robots cutting your hair.



A Fresh Look At The Periodic Table

Define and discover:

  • in this project we are trying to recreate a periodic table.
  • Questions
  • How can you organize the periodic table?
  • How can we make a periodic table that can be easily used?
  • How can we come up with good ideas to create the periodic table?



  • Dream:


  • About how we want to create our periodic table and how we want it to be laid out


  • We are going to lay the periodic by having both lanthanide and actinide on the bottom of the periodic table. And the alkilike metals and earth metals are going to be on two different sides of the periodic table. And the transition metals and the others are going to be in the middle shaped like a diamond.


  • Also, each section we are going to have different colors. and we are going to have a legend, so you know what each color represents which element



  • After we are done that, we are sure that our periodic table is going to look like a diamond





  • Design/ Deliver



Were going to be making a double-sided temple that looks like a diamond. We are going to have all the gases on the top of the diamond and the metals on the bottom of the diamond. Also, we are going to have two poles on each side of the diamond, one pole represents the alkilike metals and the other pole is going to represent the alkilike earth metals. The lanthanide and the actinide metals are both going to be put on the bottom of the periodic table. We will be organizing the new periodic table by atomic mass and by having the heaviest elements on the bottom and the light elements on the tom of the periodic table.




the final product met the expectation of our dream writing and the periodic table met all of the criteria that we were asked to do for this project.