Poverty Life Cycles


  1. Baby Born with HIV
  2. Mother dies giving birth
  3. Child is unable to receive treatment
  4. Child cannot attend school because child has to work to get treatment 
  5. Child will start a family at a young age because no education

Solution: to have charities that help fund countries with medical care for free so families can save money and increase survival rates and allow kids to focus on education and be able to obtain a good job in the future.


  1. Woman born into inequality
  2. Not treated fairly
  3. Woman gets taken advantage of at a young age (Rape) gets pregnant
  4. Woman cannot get education
  5. Woman only works at home

Solution: Allow girls to get education and make the education more generalized for everyone about poverty and health as well as normal school subjects. This will allow both genders to be aware of the possibilities of having children at an early age and will allow for woman to put off children until after education, which will allow for the woman to build a family without getting stuck in poverty.


  1. Child born into poverty
  2. Family cannot afford food
  3. Child needs to work for family
  4. Child receives no education
  5. Child has kids at a young age sue to lack of education/ family planning

Solutions: Make laws that protect child workers  and force companies to provide education for student workers for them to receive and education and help their development instead of damaging it.