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Why Simon Would Be My Boyfriend 

Have you ever wanted a boyfriend that you can be really close with? Well, in the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, there is one character by the name of Simon that would fit the role perfectly.




Reason #1: He shares his Food 

Simon is a very caring person, Simon gave his food away to Piggy, who didn’t get a chance to eat the meat. Food is very important to me and to have a boyfriend that shares his food has the best quality a boyfriend could ever have. 


Reason #2: He Would Never Hurt a Butterfly

Simon would never hurt a soul. I would never be scared to be with simon, because he would never want to harm me. He would only want to make me happy. Simon and I would also own a pet, because he would treat our dog or cat like family and not a rodent. 

Reason #3: Simon Seems Older

Simon seems much older than what he is, which says more than the selection of boys I get to choose from. He is mature, wise, and very understanding. Simon is also not becoming savage despite all of the influences around him. He stands his ground and sticks to his morals and values.

Simon would be the perfect guy for me. I love when guys share food, it’s all about the food. I love how I would be treated with care, I would never have to complain about his maturity level. Yes, he is younger than I am, but age is just a number. He sticks to what he believes, and I know that he would believe that we should be together forever. Simon would be a well rounded boyfriend, and be perfect for me.