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WW1: The Chain of Friendship

  • A: Serbia
  • B: Austria
  • C: Russia
  • D: Germany
  • E: France
  • F: Britain

Theme: Alliances

  • The people circled in blue (Serbia, Russia, France and Britain) have an alliance.
  • The people circled in yellow have an alliance as well (Austria and Germany)

Explain the History:

  • Austria blamed Serbia for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
  • Russia is shown to side with Serbia and goes against Austria.
  • Germany is in alliance with Austria so is opposed to Russia and Serbia.
  • France and Britain side with Russia because of the Triple Entente.

Explain the History of Serbia:

  • Serbia is shown as the little guy because they don’t stand against Austria until Germany supports them. Austria blamed Serbia for the assassination of  Franz Ferdinand (Archduke).


  • Imperialism

Explain the History:

  • France and Britain attacked Germany because Germany violated the neutrality of Belgium in order to attack France, Britain then declared war on Germany to protect its ally Russia.

Explain the History:

  • Imperialism: because the Great Powers were struggling to expand their colonies around the world, they also fought over limited resources in Europe. Of particular were the Balkans, a culture promoted around the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Europe. Russia wanted to control this area and so did the Great  Powers who wanted to expand their colonies. 

Sequence of Events:

  1. Austria’s leader Archduke Ferdinand goes to Bosnia he is assassinated and Austria blames Serbia for this
  2. Serbia refuses to admit/give in to this accusation, Germany supports Austria and says that it will help with any military actions that Austria does.
  3. Austria goes at war with Serbia, because Serbia doesn’t accept the ultimatum, and Russia helps Serbia fight.
  4. Austria-Hungary and Germany tell Russia to not fight, Russia doesn’t listen
  5. Germany helps Austria and declares war on Russia and France
  6. Britain goes to help it’s allies Russia and France
  7. Canada as part of the British Empire is involved now too
  • A: I think that this could be in Russia’s perspective or may the other from the Triple Entente. Everyone else seems too weak and or too violent. The triple Entente were more of the good guys and would stand up for what they believe in and because they had more support from other countries. This makes them not afraid to say something.
  • B: The first country is depicted as a child because it is a metaphor that Serbia has little power and is no match to the other countries.
  • C: I think that the Title is ironic because they aren’t really friends, they are just allies who are protecting themselves. Each country had their own selfish purpose for getting involved. Germany wanted to build its empire and prove its army. France and Britain have have a grudge on  Germany and aren’t really that concerned for Serbia. As for Russia, their ideologies opposed Austria-Hungary’s seizure of Sarajevo and did not want Austria-Hungary expanding into the Balkans. So Russia agreed to join Serbia if Austria-Hungary attacked. They did not do all these things just to help their “friends” they did this because they were selfish.