Conserving Water

Why is it important to conserve water in Canada?

It is important to save water in Canada because the majority of our land is farmland. We need to cut down on our water usage so we don’t run out of it and lower our other resources. Another reason why we should conserve water is so we don’t create more waste water and have to use more energy to clean it, as well as keeping our environment clean because our environment can only take so much and if we continue to pollute it then we are hurting the environment and hurting ourselves.

Something I already do to save water is turn the tap off when i brush my teeth. A new way for me to save water that i am going to implement into my life is take shorter showers as well as wash my face in the shower instead of doing it in the sink with the water running.


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  1. You could show yourself turning the tap off when you brush. For the shower, you could show the time you enter, then the time you’re done.

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