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Immigration Journal – Socials 10


This is my Socials 10 Immigration Journal. For me this was a difficult project because I am not a creative writer. I was writing about things I was still learning about so my knowledge about this topic was not great. I had to do research to make sure I had the correct names of people, places and some code words and songs . I would change a couple things. I would put a little more detail in about the journey to Canada and do more research in how badly the slaves were treated and apply it in my letters. I was proud that I got a high mark on this and that I put a lot of work and effort into this project. I found that it helped me improve my creative writing skills and artistic skills. I learned about slaves and how harsh the conditions were for them. I learned that there were a few good people in the world that helped abolish slavery and did the right thing helping in the underground railroad. overall I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this project.