Homework Assignment #2 – Technical Flat

Technical Flat Illustrations assignment – Due May 6

15 marks

For Fashion Design

Technical Flat sketches, also called  technical flats, or just “flats” in the fashion industry, are a black and white fashion technical drawings that shows a garment as if it were laid flat to display all seams, top-stitching, hardware, and any other design details.

One of the most useful skills you can possess as a fashion designer is the ability to draw technical fashion flats, which illustrate a garment’s proportions, material breakdown, and seam construction. Learning how to draw technical flats will vastly improve your fashion design communications, whether you are simply designing for fun or looking increase your value as a designer for any fashion house.

Notice in this example of a technical flat that ALL measurements are included on the illustration.  This is what you are to draw and include on YOUR illustration of the apron that you have designed and plan to make in class.

Technical Flat Illustration for Fashion Design –Evaluation Criteria:

Criteria: Not done Needs improvement Well done
1.Full page drawing
2. Line drawing style
3. pencil lines drawn over with fine liner
4. seam stitches are drawn in
5. all measurements are written in
7. shape and details are accurately drawn
8. Neat and attractive

Total mark:                  /15

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