Art History Remake – Home Work Assignment

Major Project        Mark    /100

This whole project will be due  June 24

Objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Learn deeply about a specific historical work of art, its context, and the artist that made it.
  2.  Communicate ideas  through art making
  3. Create artistic work to reflect personal voice, story, values
  4. Refine art methods with art materials of your choice

The Mona Lisa is the most copied work of art.  It has been remade more than one can imagine.  Take a look at the following remakes of it:

by Eduardo Paixo had some digital fun with her smile possibilities.


In 1993, Lennie Mace attracted the interest of Pilot pen company president who commissioned him to draw a replica of  Mona Lisa using only Pilot ballpoint pens. Mona a’la Mace was the highlight of Mace’s Macedonia exhibition in November 1993. The term PENtings,was coined by the artist in reference to the sometime painterly quality of his more ambitious artwork in ballpoint pen,

by Jane Perkins Using everything from old toys and buttons, to recycled plastic cutlery and spools

ChillrendVN on Deviantart posts: “My friend in one of her photos reminded me Mona Lisa, so I drew it. The picture does not compare with the original, but it’s fun.”

What do you think this rendition of the famous work is about?

You are to select a famous work of art that inspires a remake from you.


  1. You may use ANY materials to remake it.  -You can paint, draw, pen, sculpt, assemble, collage, etc.  The key is that you want to create a VERY RECOGNIZABLE replica of the original.
  2. Your remake needs to make a statement- that is it needs to change the intention of the work so that your work is making a new statement.

    STEP 1  – DUE MONDAY/TUESDAY, June 7/8 :

    FIRST:    Begin by selecting a famous work of art and researching about it.  Please take the time and effort to research THOROUGHLY!! Answer  thoroughly and completely all of the following questions about it in your sketchbook   (10 marks):

    1. What is the name of the original art work?


    1. Who was the artist of the original art work? Tell about the artist’s life and practice.


    1. What is the artwork about?


    1. Describe three significant things in this original artwork that contribute to its fame and glory. What does the audience see in the work that is so significant about it?

    1. Describe what life was like in the time and culture that the artwork was made. Explain how the artwork reflects this historic lifestyle.

    SECOND:  Imagine your REMAKE of this work of Art

    Answer the following questions thoroughly  (5 marks)      1. What materials will you use to remake this work?

    1. List three changes that could be made to change the original

    3.  What is the new message/statement that your “remake” is going to give?

    THIRD:    DESIGN your remake in preliminary sketch in your sketchbook.  Make it a thorough plan of what your project will look like.  A preliminary sketch helps guide the artist through the making of the final project.  It needs to include all plans for the final piece (colours, layout, content, etc). (5 marks)  

STEP 2: The finished work is due the final week of class – June 23/24

Starting June 7/8 , using exclusively your home time (the days that you are not physically in class) you are to create this remake project work.  The classroom can provide you with some basic materials such as paint, pen and ink, or fabric pieces as well as the “ground” for the work.

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