You need to purchase a 9 x 12″ (approximately) sketchbook that contains good paper (for inks as well as for pencil) and  a coil bound or leather bound book will last longer than a glue-bound one.  Students who save their sketchbooks prefer a long-lasting book.

The sketchbook portion of the class is worth 20% of your total course grade.

Sketchbook assignments are homework assignments, for the most part.

I will assign a sketchbook assignment EVERY WEEK.  Be sure to look in the “Sketchbook” section of my blog for the latest sketchbook assignment.  Each assignment will focus on art skills that are relevant to the projects that we are doing in class, so the sketchbook work will help you do the class projects better.

You must HAND IN each assignment on the due date.  I will mark the sketchbook that evening and return your sketchbook the next day for you to begin the next assignment.