Art Studio11 & 12 – Sketchbook Assignment #1



ASSIGNMENT #1 – PARTS A & B-     Due-  Monday, May 10 at 9am

Drawing with Texture – 20 marks

Texture is one of the 7 Elements of Design, and it is one that is often neglected.  Texture invites the audience of your work to “feel” the surface of it, to engage with your art through the real or imitated sense of touch. Even if the texture isn’t really on the page but is  only imitated , visual touch makes a work much more engaging  than no texture at all.

PART A: Rehearsing Textures – 10 marks-

Use  a pen to draw different line textures.  Then layer the textures lightly in some places and heavier in other places to create tones of dark and light areas.  Check out these  how this artists creates samples of textures that are done in a manner that creates a very real, shaded, 3D appearance using several  different textural designs:

You are to design a full page collection of  pen texture cubes.  Your page should contain 9 different textures so that you have a texture collection and so that you have successfully rehearsed the shading principle using textures.

Using a pencil divide your sketchbook page into 9 sections.  Now, using a PEN  (fineliner) draw each of the textures into 3D appearing cubes, just like in the video.

EVALUATION criteria:

  1. final collection  of 9 different textures fill the page
  2. use a black pen –  fine tip   If you have a sharpie that works best.
  3. each cube appears 3D – with different values, or darknesses and lights, to create 3 different sides of each cube.

PART B – Designing with Textures – 10 marks:

After having rehearsed 9 different textures put them together into a composition.  Draw a texture composition using a black pen and line textures. Your illustration  should only use textures to render various parts of the objects. Try creating darker and lighter values of your textures so that the illustration appears 3 dimensional.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. the composition is attractive and artful.
  2. the composition contains about 9 different line textures
  3. it is exclusively drawn with pen (fineliner)
  4. Textures appear 3-dimensional in places – darker in some and lighter in others



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