Sketchbook Assignment #2 – Aesthetic Theory

Due Monday, May 17

20 marks

“Aesthetic” means a philosophy of art. Aesthetics examines different judgements of taste in art.   There are many different philosophical ideas about what makes a good work of art.  Different people have different beliefs about how to judge a good work of art from a bad one. Perhaps you have experienced a strong liking of a work of art that others do not share with you?  This is because you have a particular aesthetic position, unique and different from others.

Here are  8  Basic Aesthetic theories

( 8 different reasons for making Art)

  1. To imitate reality -people who believe in this kind of art try to make their art look very realistic.

2. To express feelings -people who like this kind of art try to express emotion in their art rather than make it look realistic or pretty

3. To create beauty-people who like this kind of art try to make work that has stunningly beautiful colours and images. Often young attractive women or flowers, or a well-designed car are the subject matter

4. To tell a truth about life – artists of this theory use their art to tell about something that is or was occurring in the world that they feel the public should know about.  They use art to tell or inform a reality

5. To address a moral value –this kind of art tells a moral message about how to behave or think



6. To imagine something unreal – this kind of art is about imagined worlds of fairies or superheroes or…

7. To be spiritually inspired – this kind of art inpires a particular spiritual belief

8.To make nice lines, colours and shapes combinations – this art has no clear subject but is instead a collection of shapes, lines, textures, patterns or colours.


You are to select an aesthetic theory that fits your approach to art and create an artwork that fills a sketchbook page  demonstrating your  personal art aesthetic. Your artwork should be clearly made from one of the 8 aesthetic theories.

Criteria for evaluation:

  1. Your artwork should fill the sketchbook page
  2. Your artwork should clearly and strongly represent one of the above 8 aesthetic theories
  3. Your artwork should show dedication to the task through effort and time spent on it

Mark:         /20