Assignment #4 – Drawing the Head

Drawing the head – approximate work time –   2 hours

Assigned drawings are due Mon. May 31    

20 Marks (Made up of 2 parts)

The objective here is to draw the human head as a 3D form rather than a 2D shape. By practising to draw the head as a 3D form you will improve your ability to sculpt the head.

Salute to Stan Prokopenko in this post for use of his  TWO youtube video series on drawing the head.

In this lesson you are to watch TWO videos, produce  one page full of 5 drawings- each as directed in the second video, and then, on a new page, produce one completed head drawing of your own using this “Loomis Method” style.

In the first video of Stan’s two videos series, you  are introduced to the basic form of the head, and the basic head proportions. This first video is a 5 minute video that you are to watch and notice how Stan addresses the STRUCTURAL FORM of the head that he draws.  Stan’s drawing lesson supports learning good sculptural awareness of the head as a 3D form. Also notice how he holds his pencil!  I recommend that you try this pencil position – it really helps.

Watch FIRST video:


Now that you have watched the first video you are to follow along with this part 2 instructional video and practice drawing five different variations of head forms.  Draw with him the FIVE different head drawings with the head in different positions and the different head proportions for each.  That’s right – draw along with him:

Complete your 5 drawings on one sketchbook page  (10 marks).  

Your drawings should show the unique form of each of the five different head variations.

The criteria for each drawing are:

  1. The cranium circle and side cranium circle
  2. The hairline, browline, base of the nose line, and bottom of the chin
  3. The side form of the jaw
  4. The cheeks and ear line, and neckline

Next page, use the Loomis Method to draw one complete, fully drawn head illustration with eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair details and some shading.  The head should be in any position except for a front on view.  Show off your ability to draw a human head.     (10 marks).

The criteria for this fully articulated head drawing is ;

  1. Form of the head is proportionally accurate
  2. Nose, eyes, lips and ears are all in their accurate places
  3. The side forms of the jaw  and neck are clear
  4. The hair and brows are articulated
  5. The head appears 3 dimensional