Unit #3 – Making History

This is your chance to record history for the history books.

Quaran-Tales Assignment

The Objectives of this Project are for you to:

  • Connect to your community
  • Experience that simple traditions, perspectives, worldviews, and stories are shared through art
  • Learn that Visual art offers unique ways of expressing our identity and sense of belonging.
  • Communicate and respond to social and environmental issues through visual art

Imagine in 15 years the history book photos showing life during this quarantine experience.  What should the history book show about COVID -19 life?

What would people who have never experienced quarantining during a pendemic need to know about the experience?  What image would describe YOUR experience of COVID-19 quarantine?

What experiences have you had that would make for great history book record of COVID 19?     What would you like people to know about quarantining for a pendemic?

If you were preparing someone in the future for a similar experience what should they know?  Is there a funny/sarcastic/surprising/amazing/sad/struggling experience worth telling about?


The Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society is a volunteer driven non-profit organization that operates Port Coquitlam’s only museum and archives and is dedicated to celebrating and preserving Port Coquitlam’s diverse heritage and culture.

Their website is :




Poco Heritage Society is recording the COVID-19 quarantine experiences of the local Port Coqitlam citizens through a project that they have titled “QUARAN-TALES”.  The purpose of Quaran-Tales is to record people’s personal experiences of this rare moment in history so that people in the distant future can view  the records and understand just what COVID-19 quarantine life was really like.  Poco Heritage Society understands the power that art has to speak “a thousand words”.  This is your chance to be a part of the history books; to “write” history.


For this HISTORY – MAKING assignment you are required to:

  1. Take a photograph (or make a drawing) that strongly shows an aspect of life under  COVID quarantine.     AND
  2. Write a one paragraph explanation about what that photograph is telling about this rare event in history.    AND
  3. Allow the photograph and the paragraph, along with your name, to be displayed in the “Quaran-Tales” project on the Poco Heritage website and the Poco Heritage history records.

*If the photograph contains a picture of anyone other than you you need to have their written permission (they can email me) to be in the photo, because the photo is displayed publically on Poco Heritage’s website.

Go to Poco Heritage Society’s website, Quaran-Tales menu and view some of the examples of photos or artwork that have been submitted as a “Quaran-Tale”:





Then   Please complete this  Self – Evaluation by rating your work’s success (scale of 0, meaning not at all, to 5, meaning powerfully so)  for each of the following Criteria:

A.  My artwork/photograph

  1. is clear and focused and well composed   0…1…2…3…4…5
  2. Tells an honest experience about COVID-19 quarantine life     0…1…2…3…4…5
  3. Describes the experience through the details in it     0…1…2…3…4…5
  4. Shows the feeling of something that I myself personally have experienced     0…1…2…3…4…5
  5. Informs of a quarantine experience that people in the distant future should know about     0…1…2…3…4…5

B.  My paragraph

  1. Explains some particular details in the photograph/artwork     0…1…2…3…4…5
  2. Expresses my opinion about  the aspect of COVID-19 quarantine that my artwork shows     0…1…2…3…4…5
  •  THIS PROJECT IS DUE Tuesday, June 2 at class time, which is 10:10 am.  We will have a Teams meeting at 10:10 Tuesday.  You will need to email me the assignment after class.

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