Unit 2 – wrap-up

Once you are finished your FINAL project you need to complete these FOUR tasks::

  1. Please photograph the work with as clear a photo as you can manage.

– try to light the work but be careful not to cause light-glare on it.

-try also to avoid causing shadows on the work

2. Write a paragraph about your work.  tell about the following:

  1. The TITLE of it
  2. The point of view that it is from – is it looking from the front”, or from where?.
  3. Tell the story – tell several sentences about the story, including several of the story details that are in the work.
  4. How did you Add imagination – what part has a supernatural twist, twist some of the facts into the “unreal” and why did you put that part in?
  5. How did you Blend real with imaginary – tell which creatures are totally imaginary, while others should represent real people, animals, places, things.
  6. Are there any Movie or video game influences –what are they and how did you weave them in to this.
  7. How did Shuvinai Ashoona’s work influence this work? – what did you do in this art work that resulted from your viewings of Shuvinai’s work?


3.  Send me the photo and the paragraph, then Upload BOTH your photo of your work and your paragraph to your edublog.

4.. Complete a self-reflection on your creative thinking skills used for this work.  I think you have used several.  Be sure to give credit to all of the creative thinkings that you have done for this.  It is pretty phenominal.

Send me the link to your self-reflection posting on your edublog so that I can read it and  credit you with completing it.

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