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Month: June 2018

Women’s Equality

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Canada in WW2

1. Explain how Canada’s decision to go to war in WWII was different than WWI

The biggest difference from Canada’s Decision to go to war in WW2 then in WW1 was how in the second world war, it was ultimately Canada’s choice to participate, whereas in the first world war Canadians were still attached and patriotic to Britain, and were conscripted by the government. It was agreed that Canadians were not to be forced into participating in this war but many still chose to support Britain.

2. What were the BCATP and CD Howe’s Total War economy?

The BCAPT or British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was a program provided by the Canadian military in world war 2 to train the British pilots in war. Canada chose to run this program as a way to be part of the world war without being in the direct battles. This program made Canada an upwards amount of 1 million dollars by the end of the war.

C.D Howe was a successful business man in his day. In world war 2, Howe was responsible of making sure the economy could keep up with all of the war time demands put on Canada. he was successful with this task and made Canada flourish.

3. Come up with a statement that the best describes Canada’s attitude towards WWII and support it by referring to the evidence from the class and the textbook.

Canadians were a positive addition in WW2. By the willingness to take part in the war with the BCATP, Canadians helped Canada build a stronger economy.

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