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Month: February 2016

First Aid

by, Hailey, berk, kaylee

Matter Matters

This is Hailey’s and Athena’s video on matter.

Define: A. Some kids learn better in hands on activities. Some kids have a hard time engaging in a class when the subject or learning activity is not interesting. B.) They all  include the 3 states of matter. C.) Making the lesson interactive for students to learn with.

Dream: Create an interactive video, A song or rap, Song and dance number, experiments, script, Skit, Animated pictures.

Design: We ended up deciding to do a video. With a few experiments and describing what the different points are. Which is included in the video above.

Debrief: I think that me and Athena’s project turned out very well. We put in lots of effort and time we had lots of fun creating the video. We also made sure that everything was correctly explained and put everything into our own words. One thing that I feel could have been better were more experiments we did a few but they weren’t that interesting. Overall we had a lot of fun creating the project and did a very good job on it.

PE Floor Exercise Performance

This is our gymnastics floor exercise routine.

-Hailey Smith, Veronica Moino, Alyson Vance, and Sama Salehi.


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