Ava and Hailey have made a stop motion video based on the induction scene from the famous Shakespeare play “Taming of the shrew”. The induction refers to the main story in the case of “Taming of the shrew” this part with sly, the very drunk man passed out on the floor of the bar and the lord who decides with his huntsman to trick Sly into believing that he’s been asleep for several years and that he is in fact the lord instead. Later in this Shakespeare play comes the inset which is with a completely new set of characters and story line, the induction and inset are tied together because the induction characters start to watch a play thus the inset and the other characters.

To represent the induction of this play they used stop motion technology, this was an effective way of making the old English in the story much easier to understand and to make the ideas easier to memorize. Although stop motion videos are a god way to simplify learning, the can also be quite difficult to compose. The hardest part about creating a stop motion video is the placement of the characters and the camera, to make an effective video you need to have one spot or angle from which you shoot and it’s important that the characters move very subtly so that the movement is consistent in the end product. Through the this project, Ava and Hailey learned about navigating new apps and also what goes into stop motion.