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How sustainable is BC’s Forestry Industry?

How sustainable is BC’s Forestry Industry?

If it is done correctly BC’s Forestry Industry is sustainable, this is only if trees are being re planted, The waters are not contaminated and the loss of habitats for wildlife are kept to a minimum. If we were to take what we wanted, without considering the effects, this is when this industry would fail and BC would run out of valued forest areas.

Benefits of:

Clear Cutting
– efficient for harvesting and replanting trees
– Financially sound
– increased water flow
– Increased farm land
– less expensive
-easy and efficient operations
– avoided damage to regeneration
Selective Logging
allows ecosystems to support more wildlife than clear cutting
– allows forests to retain resistance to disease and pests.
– reduced ecological damage

Drawbacks of:

Clear Cutting
– Negative impacts on nature, wildlife, habitats and plant loss.
– loss of recreation land due to loss of aesthetic appeal
– loss of 1000 year old forests.
– exposure to erosion
– takes away habitats for many animals

Selective Logging
– takes away strong trees in the forest leaving the weaker trees.
– difficult regrowth
– harmful to other trees (macenery easily damages other trees)


How sustainable is the mining industry? What should the future look like?


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  1. brchan

    So if you put this altogether, how sustainable is our forestry industry? Some research into how much we replant could help determine how sustainable clearcutting is.

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