Cat Eye Syndrome

part 1

Hi my name is chromosome 22. I live inside of a little girl named Ellie. Ellie was diagnosed with a minor case of Cat Eye Syndrome at birth, this is all because of me. I wad supposed to multiply by 2 like all of the other chromosome 22 in the world but I made a mistake and multiplied by 4, this was a mistake and sometimes these things happen.

My gene was mutated hereditary, that means that Ellie’s mom or dads cells were passed down to her. Luckily for Ellie, the syndrome I gave to her could have been so much worse. I am weak compared to other chromosome 22 that I know of. Because of me Ellie has mental and physical problems. She has an eye deformity where her pupils are elongated and her eye lids are misshapen. Ellie will never be an average height, she will always be smaller then most other people. She was also born with a learning disability, it doesn’t affect her to badly but it does make it harder for her to learn.

Ellie has to have frequent appointments with a multiple of different doctors and specialists to treat all of her conditions. She has weekly visits with the optometrist, neurologist and other specialists to keep her as healthy as possible. Even with all of this help she will still never know how long she will live, that is the thing I feel most guilty about, the fact that my stupid mistake might cause her he life. Although her diagnosis isn’t strong there are still possibilities in the future for her to develop heart, kidney and other fetal issues. When Ellie was born he parents were told that she would live a year if she was lucky but 11 years later she is still here. although currently there is no cure to Cat Eye Syndrome Ellie might just be lucky enough to live to see the day where a cure is found.

Ellie has grown up not knowing what her life has lied ahead of her.  Nobody understands, kids on the playground stair at her, run away or laugh all because of the way she looked. from a very young age Ellie has had a problem with the way she looks, it isn’t her fault that she looks different, it is mine. Last year Ellie moved to a special school so she can learn better and make friends that don’t only like her for her personality but can understand what she goes through. Because of this change she is living her potentially short life happier then ever before.

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part 2

What questions did you need to research in order to create your mutation story?

  1. How does cat eye syndrome affect a person?
  2. How is the gene mutation caused?
  3. What are some facts about cat eye syndrome?
  4. What is the life expectancy of a person with cat eye syndrome?

What new or familiar digital tool did you use to work through this project?

  • I used my school tablet for the research, writing and uploading of this project.

What was the process you used to investigate this topic?

  • I started by writing out all of the questions that i needed to research and found the answers individually. after research on cat eye syndrome i read about gene mutation so I had a good understanding on what i was going to write about.

How did you verify and cite the information you found?

  • All of the information i found was similar on multiple websites

How did this process of completing this challenge go? what could you have done better?

  • finding all of the information was difficult but as soon as i had all of the pieces writing the story was easy. I had a hard time understanding the websites because of all of the intricate language. after a while i started doing my research on kids websites so the wording was simplifified and easier to understand.

What are some other facts you found on Cat Eye Syndrome?

  1. 1/50 000-150 000 people have been recorded with cat eye syndrome
  2. gender doesnt have an effect on the likely hood of getting cat eye syndrome
  3. cat eye syndrome can be detected before the person is born