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Month: October 2015

Propaganda Poster



Hailey smith
October 28th, 2015
English 9
Mr. Barazzuol

Propaganda Poster Write Up

In the propaganda poster regarding the novel “Animal Farm” the quote that was on the page said “we are strong, people are weak”. This statement implies that the animals in the story feel superior to the human raise. The techniques that were used to make up the propaganda poster is name calling, glittering generalities, band wagon and card stacking.

It is name calling because it states that “people are weak” there for it is putting something or someone down and making them self’s look better.

It is glittering generalities because it is a short phrase that has a deep meaning. The statement can be looked at from a deeper view but is summed up in six words.

It is band wagon because this statement is saying a strong opinion and persuading the viewers that animals are indeed stronger creatures.

And last is card stacking because it is more of an opinion piece, so if someone were to disagree with this statement it would become an argument.

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