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How sustainable is the mining industry? What should the future look like?

How sustainable is the mining industry? What should the future look like?

The mining industry is not sustainable, The more we take, the less we will have in the future. The things we mine (fossil soil, gas, gold, coal……) are non renewable resources, meaning once they are gone, they are gone and will not regenerate for thousands and some maybe millions of years. If we continue to mine the way we do, not only will our resources be gone but our earth will be all torn up, habitats destroyed due to gaping mines in the middle of wilderness.

Staring now humans need to learn and adapt to relying less on materials, things that need to be mind. Although eliminating this completely in our society is next to impossible, we will need to figure it out. By reusing and recycling the metals we already have, we will cut down on what we need to continuously extract from the earth.By changing your mindset, this will help retain our resources in the earth before they are extinct and inexcusable to us in our time.


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  1. brchan

    This wasn’t assigned but good that you did it. I agree, mining can never be sustainable because it always takes more than can be made by the earth (it’s not renewable). That’s were recycling can help to make our demands on metals and other mined products more sustainable. But other things we mine like oil and gas would not be recyclable and therefore cannot be sustainable.

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