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“Taming of the Shrew” Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

The stop motion project was contrived by the directors Aaron Quilapio: the editor, Jan Luis Regacho: the photographer, and Timothy Harrison: the supplier. The project represents the induction scene and the beginning of the inset of a play, “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare. The induction of this project was shown to the audience in the beginning. The induction starts when Sly is intoxicated and continues to ignore the hostess’ threats until he passed out. The inset was produced to the audience near the end of the project where Sly and the page watch as the players do their performance. The directors used Legos to contrive several platforms and props such as the stage floor and the king’s bed. There are plenty of downsides upon making this project such as the amount of frames needed to produce this masterpiece which approximately took more than 300 frames and the amount of precision and accuracy needed to make such project is exorbitantly colossal which was a very difficult task that this group had to face. The group has learned a great quantity of information about this project such as encountering and using new apps such as PicPac and Video Editor. The project has also taught the group that performing tasks such as this could be done easier through cooperation.

Propaganda Project

12191702_637878566355453_3987132194507909446_nOne my notice after looking at the poster that Aaron has used a lot of propaganda techniques. One technique right of the bat someone would notice is Common Enemy”. It is evident because in the poster it shows that the humans being the common enemy.  Another piece of evidence that it has common enemy is that the humans has monster like features which would make it really easy to tell who was the enemy.

Another propaganda technique Aaron has used is repetition. You can see that the following phrase “Help us” is repeated several times all throughout the poster. The phrase has only been said by the pigs. This phrase is used and used over and over again which makes it repetition.

The technique bandwagon also applies to the poster. The Old Major as an angel in the poster is trying to recruit more animals saying “Help us comrades to fight for freedom!”. The goal of the Old Major in the poster is to recruit more animals for the fight against the humans which is bandwagon.

The last and final technique used in  poster is glittering. The way it is used is the slogan “Help us against the monsters” on the top of the poster. It is sensed in the way of creating peace and freedom to the animals.

The Secluded Lot Graphic Novel

1) Exposition

“I’d like to inquire about a lot” the old man said, the effort of his decision evident in his voice (115)

2) Rising action

“Slowly old Mr. Blake counted out his money. Yes he had brought the entire sum in cash.”


3) Rising action

“I’d like a good view,” the old man explained. “But more important, privacy.”


4) Rising action

“”Please sign here.” Mr. Jerome pushed the document towards him.

The old man signed in a shaky hand.”


5) Climax

“How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery “

“This is my property. I purchased it, did I not?”

“No business such as this is allowed within this sanctuary.”

6) Falling action

“Mr. Jerome, I have done you a great service. Your flowers have never been so magnificent or plentiful.”

“That’s true.” He was forced to admit.


7) Falling action

“Why? Because of my bees. They pollinated your flowers. Now, if you could spare me a few moments”


8) Denouement

“Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.”


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