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Environmental Ethics in Pop Culture


The Dawn Soap Commercial positively affected my environmental ethics. The reason being is that even though we may have been the reason for that oil spill, we still have the need to take charge of our actions. I thought it was cool at the time I saw this, I think I was maybe 10 or something, but it was cool seeing that a lot of companies such as dawn is very conscious about the environment.

The Lorax video I saw on tv pretty long ago and I’m not so sure when I saw this. I do know though that it did impact me negatively as I was still young and I was upset with the idea of these machines and stuff ruining the nature. I remember I was still kind of young and I was disguste

Mt. St. Helens Interview

I interviewed my co-worker, he told me he was around 15-16 at the time of the eruption.  He told me that his parents went paranoid telling me that as soon as they found out from watching the news and listening on the radio that they took action right away. As the ash and smoke traveled, my co-worker’s parents limited his freedoms because they were scared that the smoke and ash would get them sick. Not only that but he told me that his dad tried to barricade the windows with cardboard and went out to buy some fans. My co-worker says he was not as affected compared to his parents, told me that he couldn’t care less, he just wanted to go out again. He even told me when the ash arrived that his parents were scared out of their mind!

Mt. St. Helen’s Response

  1. Identify and describe 3 ways humans have interacted with this volcano, including positive and negative interactions.
    1. Scientists tracking and learning from the volcano. Constant watch and data analysis from the volcano. Learning volcano behavior, effects and even tracking estimations of when eruptions would happen. Using lasers, seismometers and more.
    2.  51 deaths were recorded from the blast and the  ash.
    3. Nature came back. New growth has been created from the volcano. New fish can now be caught in the new lakes for fishing now.


Volcano Lab

  1. When you watched your volcano erupt, what did you notice about the “pyroclastic” flow? Describe it’s movement.
    1. Very Much Slow and nothing could stop its movement, bubbly and fizzy.
  2. When you watched the videos of the Hawaiian Eruption from Mount Kilauea, what did you notice about the way it interacted with the landscape?
    1. Just moved slowly across the land. Burned everything and a lot of things got engulfed in the lava.
  3. Why is the volcanic activity important for places like Hawaii?
    1. It is responsible for the islands themselves.  Because of hotspots, lava flowing up from holes in the tectonic plates. The lava flows up to make volcanos and over time it layers and layers to make islands while the plates are moving.
  4. How did people respond to the volcanic activity?
    1. A lot just moved, a lot also stayed to watch it for some reason. There was nothing they could really do too. Many evacuations and people stayed to watch, take pictures etc.
  5. Compare what you saw in the video to life here in Vancouver. What if the Coquitlam Mountain erupted, how would you respond?
    1.  My family I know for a fact would want to instantly move away, even if it doesn’t touch us. Because of all the possible ash and smoke, they would probably just drive away.                                        

Traingulation Lab Questions

  1. What went wrong with today’s lab? List all the variables that disturbed our results and create a solution to make the outcome more accurate.
    1. Too many numbers and everyone had different numbers
    2. Everyone has set data and so everyone has same calculations to do
  2. Why do you need more than one seismometer station to find the epicentre of an earthquake? Why is one not enough?
    1. To be more accurate, you can pinpoint where it is.
  3. Why do you think identifying an epicentre location is important for our  society?
    1. So we can identify the location of earthquakes.
  4. How could we use this data in an emergency response situation?
    1. To find the areas greatly affected, for future earthquakes and for greater knowledge of those future earthquakes.

Palu Earthquake

My Personal Thoughts on the Indonesian Earthquake”

This disastrous event has struck some cords with me emotionally. I have a lot of thoughts that have me going. The media really must do a better job of reporting on the current situation on the daily. So many mainstream media talk about it for like a day or so and a week or two later, there’s nothing about it anymore. Many people need this information out because they can be directly impacted or desperate. So many people must be devastated by this. So many people need to know if their families are safe, if their homeland is safe, and if everything is going well there. The media seriously need to give the right news because this can affect a lot more than the people in Indonesia alone. It must feel so helpless or depressing for some Indonesians knowing that some people are just forgetting or even unaware of the state of your country. I can relate to this disaster in my own life when the typhoons hit the Philippines. Lucky I didn’t lose any family, however that didn’t change how I felt about their way of life is changed. A lot of fundraisers were held on that behalf and I remember trying everything I could to donate as much as I could, like every coin I had. I hated seeing the pictures and the aftermath and I also hated the number of deaths that piled up. Such a tragic event that really changed my view on nature. The Indonesian Earthquake is something that no one should go through at all.

Neuron Communication

Neuron Structure:

Neuron Function:

Neurons are composed of the cell body (the largest volume section, which looks like a fried egg.), dendrites (conduct messages towards the cell body, fibres carrying incoming messages. Receiving and bringing nerve messages to the cell body), and the axon (conduct message away from the cell body, it takes the message from the cell body and sends it out to the next cell in the chain of communication.  Neurons communication through action potential — A brief electrical charge that travels down an axon through the movement of positive ions in and out.

– Depolarization: incoming message stimulates section of the axon, channels in membrane open to allow Na+ ions to enter the axon

– Repolarization: Channels open that allow K+ ions to exit axon, which causes the next segment of the axon to depolarize. Therefore, creating a flow of depolarization — a sequential depolarization/repolarization causing the AP to move smoothly down the axon.

Synapse Structure:

Synapse function:

The Synapse includes: tips of terminal branches of the axon, tiny spaces between neurons, the synapse is the space between the dendrite and the axon, ends of dendrites of receiving neuron. The Axon terminal branch produces neurotransmitters which are used to mediate neurons and its signals.

-This is done through the AP causing synaptic vesicles to release NT into the synaptic gap. The NT diffuses through the gap and binds to receptors on receiving neurons.

– In the NT, the message is then received as excitatory (stimulates AP on receiving neuron) or inhibitory (represses AP on receiving neuron) This is decided whether the neuron reaches is threshold — which must be met in order for it to be excitatory.