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3 Reasons why Boo Radley is a Ninja

3 Reasons why Boo Radley is a Ninja

To one, Boo Radley might not be much in the book, but a ghost or a nobody; however, to me he is a ninja! Boo has shown many characteristics of what a ninja is. He has shown the stealth, the kick-butt fighting skills and his awareness of his surroundings in the shadows that a ninja also possesses.
(Boo’s face from the movie on a ninja)

(Photo I made with Photoshop)

  1. Boo’s stealth

Do you know how many people has actually seen Boo? No? Well that’s cause of his expertise in stealth. Only a handful of folks in Macomb has seen him. There were also many instances where the characters Scout or Jem could have seen him, but they didn’t. His stealth is displayed in many instances. One being when Miss Maudie’s house was burning down and Jem and Scout were cold sitting on the curb. As they were being distracted by the fire and getting drowsy from tiredness, guess who snuck up behind them and put a blanket around them? Exactly, it was Boo. Both Jem and Scout had the opportunity but they didn’t take it.

  1. Boo can fight

This part is evident only near the end of the book, but it still shows what this man is capable of fighting. Nevertheless, Boo can certainly kick-butt as showed when the kids (Jem and Scout) got jumped by Bob Ewell. Boo was able to save Jem and Scout from the intoxicated Bob Ewell. He did end up prevailing at the end with Bob’s dead corpse lying lifeless on the floor. Bob didn’t even see it coming. No-one did. Who would have thought that Boo could do such a thing?

  1. Boo Lurks the Shadows

Ever wonder how Boo is so familiar with Jem and Scout without ever interacting with them ever? No he is not a professional stalker. That’s because he is very aware of his surroundings by lurking the shadows which is a ninja thing  . One reason why is because he has a perfect view of  the street. He was aware of the various events that happened through the years. For example when Atticus shot and killed the dog Tim Johnson. Boo which hasn’t been exposed to light in a awhile makes sense that he was able to fight Bob off Scout and Jem in the pitch  dark.