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“The Watch” Elie Wiesel

I woke up with an empty stomach and a loss of hope; however, I was thankful to live another day. My bunk mates were as dreary and depressed as I was. As I got up, I can spot many corpses of men lying everywhere, some bodies were rotting. The stench was out of this world in this bunker. Walking down these crowded bunkers along side other men is something I’ve gotten use to as I’ve been here for a long time. Sliding up against their bony, cold, and pail bodies makes me sick. Many men are crying, sobbing, screaming, and grumbling because of their current situations. You can also hear the children and women doing the same. My body is like a rusty car that is barely functional. Everything hurts from my joints, to my head, and to my insides.

Image result for elie wiesel in concentration camp