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“The Life of a Genetic Mutation” Color Blindness

Part 1:

I am a little X chromosome inside Pablo. He is a eight year old kid who has Red-Green color blindness. Pablo’s dad was a carrier ,but he never developed color blindness.This mutation is usually hereditary.  bI was a X chromosome that came from his father. I am a X chromosome that affected Pablo’s red and green cone cells in his eyes that affect the way Pablo looks at those colors. This type of color blindness is called Deuteronomy. There are a bunch of types.Pablo’s sister Tasha however didn’t get it. This is because males have higher chance of develop color blindness because males only have one X chromosome which of it gets damage it gets damaged for good. For a female they have 2 so if one gets damaged the other one can replace it. Pablo has a lot of problems when it comes to subjects in school like in art. He has a lot of difficulties figuring out what color is red, green, yellow, orange and more. He can get very frustrated. On the bright side since his sense of vision is bad his other senses get a big boost. Like he likes smelling fresh laundry, roses and he knows when food is made. He also has really good vision in the dark! And the last time we visited the doctors they talked about lenses that would correct his visions so I think life looking out for this kid!

By:Johannes Ahlmann
By:Johannes Ahlmann









Part 2:

I thought of all these questions: What is color blindness? How is it caused? What colors are see able? Is there different types? How does it affect person? How is it passed down? Is there a treatment? I used various sources like Google, Youtube, Google Scholar and i used very little of Wikipedia. I first googled “color blindness” to get the jist of it. I wanted to know what i was researching. I found lots of sites from Google and Google Scholar  that helped the the information part of the project. And to get an understanding of what it may feel like to be color blind I watched some videos on Youtube which helped a lot. The only part of Wikipedia i used was for the different types of color blindness. I verified it by looking at all the websites I used to see if all the new information was true. Like of a fact was on all the sites i would know it had to be true. Or like of there was a fact that was only on one like source i would have included that. I really think I enjoyed this project (and I’n not saying that to get higher marks)  because of the new things I learn about this topic. I would think that the only thing I could of done better was to come up with at more detailed story!


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