Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

There is capital punishment in the history of Canada until Canadians wanted to change. Capital punishment is a punishment which can legally kill people. The things that used for killing can include hanging, being shot, poisonous gas. Capital punishment was used in Canada until 1976 for the public and was abolished in 1998.Canada was now totally free from the death penalty because it was voted by people. Capital punishment was replaced with life in prison with no opportunity for parole. If the story “Two Fisherman” had taken place in Canada, then Thomas would been killed before 1976 because that’s capital punishment became illegal. Most likely, it happened around the 1962 because that’s when the last execution happened in Canada.

I do not believe Thomas Delaney should been hung although he committed a murder. He was just justifying another crime. The man he killed is a criminal. Thomas should let the police deal with that person and his punishment but he was just trying to stop a criminal, he killed that person when he saw him do the crime. It wasn’t a planned murder, Thomas did not deserve to die. It would been appropriate for Thomas to serve a couple years in jail but not to end his life. Thomas was protecting the people from a criminal though it isn’t the best decision.