Character Sketch

Michael Foster from the short story the “Two Fishermen” is a young man with a tall long leg who live in a small town. He wants to become a more well-known and respected newspaper reporter.  Michael Foster is a well-educated middle class citizen. He is a single man; however, he has many relationships with many people such as the people in the office, the newspaper worker, and the people in town. Foster fears the judgment of the people and doesn’t want people to look at him differently. Michael Foster is afraid that the people will see him less respectable if they saw Michael and Smitty were together, “Farther and farther Michael backed into the crowd and all the time he felt dreadfully ashamed as though he were betraying Smitty, who last night had had such a good neighborly time with him” (Bradbury 4). Smitty has been heard as a bad guy because he was the hangman and Michael didn’t want to be a group with Smitty. After Smitty hung Thomas Delaney, Michael saw that Smitty was treated unfairly but he didn’t stand up for him because he was worried about that people won’t like him and he won’t be a famous reporter. Foster has a good communication skills, so that he can get information from the people easily. Foster brought Smitty on to a boat and went far away from the town to make Smitty felt comfortable to have an honest conversation to Foster, “They were a bit afraid of each other. By this time they were far out on the water which had a millpond” (Bradbury 2). Foster also needs to be friendly so he can get information from his relationship. All in all, Michael Foster is a motivated, cautious, sociable, resourceful, friendly, and eager man which is why he is accepted in the community.