Plot Point Photo Compilation

The story “Father and Son” is talking about a son and a father who cannot understand each other and lead to a bad ending. Though they express their feeling to the reader through the story, they still can’t communicate with each other until the son was killed by a gun. This blog post shows the photos that describe this story and the plot of this story.

1) Exposition
Quote: “I know that in a few minutes he will come in to look at me sleeping” (McLaverty 165).
Explanation: In this paragraph the story tells about the relationship between the father and son, the father cares about him while the son knows.

2) Rising Action
Quote: “I must spoke to him. Tonight at tea. If he is in” (McLaverty 166).
Explanation: The father wants to talk to the son, but the son is not willing to which enhances the conflict between them.

3) Rising Action
Quote: “You hand shook when you got home” (McLaverty 167).

Explanation: The father cares about him, but his son thinks that he is a coward which increase the misunderstanding between them.

4) Rising Action
Quote: “Today I thought you were dead” ((McLaverty 168).

Explanation: It is foreshadowing that his son is going to die.

5) Rising Action
Quote: “What’s that? Under your pillow” (MacLaverty 169).

Explanation: It is foreshadowing because the son secret has been discovered by the father which lead to the climax.

6) Climax
Quote: “There is a bang.” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: This is where the conflict is solved because the son was killed.

7) Falling Action
Quote: “A dish-cloth drops from my hand and I run to the kitchen door” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: The reaction of his father after the climax, which makes him regret and lead to the denouement.

8) Denouement
Quote: “My son, let me put my arms around you.” (MacLaverty 169)

Explanation: This is a way that they solved the conflict between them.