“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

… The thunder rumbled, Mitty looked at the sky. It winded hard and rained heavily.

… “Put the canvas away, we are going through the storm!” Mitty shouted. Pandemonium broke loose on the ship, “We can’t do it, captain,” a strong man looked flustered, “How…how can we go through the big storm by a small ship?” The thunder rumbled again, loud and deterrent, getting closer and closer. The wave became bigger and bigger, it was almost two floors height. “We need to go through it, otherwise, we will be caught into the wave!” Mitty shouted again, worried if someone can’t hear him, “Repeat again, we need to…” suddenly, Mitty fell off from the ship and get into the water.

… Mitty fell off from the bridge while he wasn’t noticed when he was walking. He was struggling to swim to the bank, he even didn’t know how to swim. “I am drowned, is there anyone can help me?” Mitty wanted to speak loudly to ask for help, but every time he opened his mouth, the water came into his lung from his mouth and nose. Am I going to die? Mitty quit to fight with the water, he smiled disdainful and inscrutable. Yeah, just like a sailor, die with the water. Mitty’s body sink into the water, deeper and deeper, until no one can find him anymore.