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Grade 9

First Peoples Principles of Learning

The First People Principles of Learning with interconnectedness and sustainability relates to so much of what we’ve learn in our “Spheres” unit. The meaning of interconnectedness is the state of being connected with each other, and the meaning of sustainability is… Continue Reading →

SMART Goals Reflection

  My goal was to shower for only 5 minutes and also to try to use less water in general (ex: turning of the water when I brush my teeth, flush the toilet less often, etc. Yes, I achieved my… Continue Reading →

Letter to Trump about Paris Accord

The Poop on Composting

Proportional Reasoning Review : Similar Polygons

  Math Video that helped me with Similar Polygons ^  

Thyroid Story

The making of the cancer story Some of the questions I needed to research were ; what are some of the causes of thyroid cancer, what are the causes of mutations when getting cancer/thyroid cancer and how is thyroid cancer… Continue Reading →

Della – Projet livre d’esclavage

Par Serena et Janna  

CPR Video

By Serena, Natalia and Aleana PE Block B, Day 1

How things work – Electroreception in Sharks – Serena and Makena

Household Electricity collage

Serena Obeyd and Kalen Zhou

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