The making of the cancer story

Some of the questions I needed to research were ; what are some of the causes of thyroid cancer, what are the causes of mutations when getting cancer/thyroid cancer and how is thyroid cancer treated.

When researching for this project I of course used google but I also used YouTube which is something I rarely use for homework. I searched up Thyroid Cancer and many videos showed up about how people get thyroid cancer, some facts and much more. I left a link of the YouTube video I watched in the word document

I first sat down and came up with a list of ideas to search up on google. I spent around an hour reading articles, documents and much, much more.

For verifying I checked if the website seemed real or not, like we learned in English. I also asked my grandma to see if this information looked correct because she herself has thyroid cancer so she would know a lot. For citing I used citation machine, using MLA. I copied the website and put it in the machine, it did everything for me which made it so easy and quick.

The process overall was very challenging trying to make a story out of a type of cancer. It took a lot of research and time to make sure the story was good but also gave all the information needed in the criteria. I regret not using the cites that I was allowed to use like the riverside library, and much more. I also regret stressing over the criteria that I kind of forgot it was supposed to be a story but over all I think I did a good job explaining genes, mutations and thyroid cancer overall.