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Grade 9

Collaboration Fluency – Pop Can Race

Overall our collaboration went well, we were able to move the pop can a far amount but it didn’t reach the finish line yet. Me and my partner (since one of our group members left us) worked together to answer… Continue Reading →

Immersion Clip – Mon Inspiration Francophone

Voici mon inspiration francophone    

Science App Review

Problem : With so many elements on the periodic table, how am I going to remember them all ? From all the metals to non metals and much more my brain can’t handle all of the information. During science class… Continue Reading →

Safety Poster for Science

Science 9 Hypothesis

Firstly our question was what would happen if we didn’t add any food colouring? Our prediction was that if we didn’t add the food colouring obviously it wouldn’t have any colour but what would it look like? Would it look… Continue Reading →

Individual Novel Project : Street Pharm

For my individual novel project I made a little booklet about the connections that the book has to other things such as quotes and song lyrics !

Math 9 Midterm Review: Surface Area

A helpful website that made things a little bit less complicated :   A nice way to remember basic formulas are to make them into a song, just like this guy did!      

Literature Circle Project : STREET PHARM

Information Fluency

s~ List at least 3 strategies for determining how reliable a webpage’s info is                   Some of the strategies I’ve found is that you should be looking at the website to see if there are any spelling errors, looking at the… Continue Reading →

Poetry Project : A red, red rose

I chose to analyze A red, red rose by Robert Burns for my poetry project.  

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