The First People Principles of Learning with interconnectedness and sustainability relates to so much of what we’ve learn in our “Spheres” unit. The meaning of interconnectedness is the state of being connected with each other, and the meaning of sustainability is being able to be maintain something at a certain rate or level. As we go further in depth with this unit, we learn that sustainability and interconnectedness is all around us, and affects all of us.

The principle of sustainability could be interpreted in different ways for each person, but as they say in the video “Sustainability is the capacity of our human society to continue indefinitely within these natural cycles”. From the Phosphorus Cycle, Water cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and the Carbon Cycle, these are all the things we have been learning in our unit. Without these cycles being sustainable, how would our world react ? What about climate change, and how it’s affecting our world. If we don’t start making changes, making efforts and learning more about climate change: our climate will no longer be sustainable and will have dangerous results. To help this problem, we have learned about the Paris Climate Agreement. With this agreement they are proposing things to do so our climate will be sustainable such as; to aim to limit the increase to 1.5°C, since this would significantly reduce risks and the impacts of climate change and undertake rapid reductions thereafter in accordance with the best available science.

Now for the principle of interconnectedness, could also be interpreted in different ways for each person. Watching this video they didn’t specifically talk about interconnectedness but I could see it throughout the video. While they were talking about the cycles and how they all relate together, if one of them wasn’t there our world wouldn’t be fully interconnected. For example : if you lose your producers, your primary consumers wont be able to eat (they’ll all die), which means secondary consumers can’t eat, then the tertiary consumers cant eat and the whole system will be messed up. This shows how a lot of these concepts we’ve learned in science are all interconnected in a way, without one there would be none.

Over all the First Peoples Principles of Learning with Sustainability and Interconnectedness shows throughout or “Spheres unit”. I’m sure with any other part of science, unit or subject in general, there would be those elements and principles.