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English 10

Synthesis Essay

What literature has taught me about the effects of racism


Narrative Essay – The Foreign Fearful Ride

What I did well on : My ending statement and some of my word plays. What I would like to improve on : Trying to show the story instead of telling it.   The Foreign Fearful Ride   What is… Continue Reading →

“Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato

Meaning : The meaning of this lyric is no matter how much people can break you down, you should always stand your ground and grow as a person. The skyscraper rising from the ground could symbolize her growing from the… Continue Reading →

“Tell Tale Heart” – alternate ending in new point of view

The point of view I chose is omniscient The officers hated early morning shifts, it was four o’clock – still dark as midnight. They came knocking at the street door because of a shriek that had been heard by a… Continue Reading →

What effect can racism have on a person?

Question: “What effect can racism have on a person?” Source: “What Do You Remember of the Evacuation?” In the poem “What Do You Remember of the Evacuation?” by Joy Kogawa, the author tells the story of the racism she experienced during… Continue Reading →

Anton’s Pasta Bar, a place for making pasta and memories!

Are you tortellini in love with pasta? If so, Anton’s Pasta Bar is the place for you. The atmosphere has an old fashion, vintage vibe that keeps me coming back. The wooden tables, chairs, and pictures on the wall adds… Continue Reading →

Where does one find beauty in the face of extreme conflict?

I think you can find beauty in any situation that you have to encounter in your life, especially with conflict. When you are in a conflict, it shouldn’t be always seen as bad. It should also be seen as good…. Continue Reading →

What it means to be human…

Humans want to communicate Humans have/need a dream Humans have a desire to help others Humans seek happiness Humans need friends/ Humans need companions Humans want to learn/seek knowledge Humans need to express their emotions Humans can be ignorant and… Continue Reading →

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