1. My goal was to shower for only 5 minutes and also to try to use less water in general (ex: turning of the water when I brush my teeth, flush the toilet less often, etc.
  2. Yes, I achieved my goal. Every single time I took a shower, I made sure I put a timer on when I started my shower so I knew exactly if I did it in 5 minutes or not. Also I tried as much as possible to remind myself each time I brush my teeth or go to the restroom to use the least amount of water possible.
  3. The most challenging part of achieving my goal was how I had to rush everything. I’m the type of person who likes to take their time, so rushing my shower routine was very challenging for me. Also remembering to turn of the water whenever I wasn’t using, or telling my parents to turn off the water when they aren’t using too.
  4. What I would do differently next time is maybe instead of just taking a 5-minute shower, I would take a 5-minute cold shower. This week experiment I used warm water, so using cold water would be a cool challenge for me.
  5. I don’t think I’d continue this goal (shower) on a daily basis, but I will certainly do this from time to time. I am satisfied enjoying my showers because that’s where I enjoy my time, being rushed will ruin that for me. For using the least amount of water, I will definitely continue that goal. That’s a goal I should’ve been doing for a long time.