Week 11 in math 10

In week 11 of math 10 we learned how to factor perfect trinomials and how to use CDPEU (common, difference in squares, pattern, easy, ugly) to make it easier to factor. When you factor the binomials they will be identical and then you have to expand and simplify the terms. The first term and the […]

Week 10 in math 10

In week 10 of math 10 I learned how to expand and how to use factorization on polynomials. At first the methods we were using didn’t make complet sense to me but now they do and the questions weren’t too hard I understood most of them but It just took some help on the ones I didn’t understand. For most […]

Week 9 in math 10 – polynomials

In week 9 of math 10 we revisited the past by looking at what we learned about polynomials in grade 9. Most of the week was based on reviewing and reminding our brains of what we did, which I had to re-teach myself a bit of the missing parts. We learned about the different types […]

Week 8 in math 10- trigonometry

In week 8 of math 10 I found that most of the question I understood except for myself the word problems were confusing at first and I needed assistance with some of them but other than that most of them were just using common sense to find the answered and remembering what SOH CAH TOA […]